Jaco is the Brand Ambassador at Roseville Projects, a keen adventurer and a member of the Great British Cycling Team.


South African born Jaco van Gass was a member of the British Armed Forces Parachute Regiment.

It was during Jaco’s second tour of Afghanistan, after five and a half months and with just two weeks to go when Jaco sustained severe life changing injuries. Jaco and his platoon were engaged by Enemy Forces and after an intense 45 minute fire fight, Jaco was hit by an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade). The injuries he sustained included the loss of his left arm at the elbow, a collapsed left lung, shrapnel wounds to his left side, punctured internal organs, blast wounds to upper thigh, a broken tibia and a fractured knee.

Jaco had 11 operations and intense rehabilitation, he has overcome adversity and taking on the world. He has since represented the army in the CSDST (Combined Services Disabled Ski Team) and competed in downhill race skiing. He has completed marathons over the world raising money for various charities.

In 2011 he trekked to the North Pole as part of the Walking With The Wounded team and they successfully become the first group of wounded servicemen to reach the geographic North Pole unsupported. They broke a number of world records in the process.

In 2012, as a mentor and integral part of the summit team he attempted to climb Mt. Everest. However weather conditions prevented them from finishing.

Jaco summited Mt. Mckinley in ......

Jaco is a now member of the GB Para cycling team. He has become a National Champion multiple times. In 2014, Jaco won double gold at the Invictus Games, London and in 2016, he won a Gold and Silver medal at the Invictus Games Orlando. 

Jaco is now a Brand Ambassador at Roseville Projects and The Rose Charitable Foundation. Jaco is also a motivational speaker, telling his story to inspire others and motivate people to deal with change. For speaking enquiries please email info@jacovangass.com.