Jaco is an awe-inspiring motivational speaker, sharing his story across the globe


After getting injured and reaching some incredible goals, Jaco has been invited to speak all over the UK and South Africa, at schools, universities and businesses, sharing his story. Jaco's presentation encompasses physical hardship, smashing world records and the ability to change. His message is one begotten of terrible circumstances, however, audiences will be  attracted and motivated by Jaco's charm, humour and determination. Jaco tells his story with stories from real life adventures which he instigated due to his injuries and experience. This is a presentation not to be missed.

Jaco is witty and determined and this shines through in the passion he injects into his presentations. He is engaging and has a real drive for others to take the opportunities that he has taken in order for them to improve their lives, both in and out of the workplace.

He is an awe-inspiring public speaker – his politeness, and charisma make him both memorable and entertaining, his ability to mix humour in with the intense drama and seriousness of his personal experiences manages to set audiences at ease whilst simultaneously inspiring them. As you can see from the feedback below, those who hear Jaco speak are left moved and inspired by his story and his humbleness. 

What others say:

"Jaco van Gass' visit to Abbey Gate College on Remembrance Day was one of the best experiences of my 28 years of teaching.  A truly remarkable young man whose personal story was told with sensitivity and a real awareness of his audience.  He wowed our Junior 5 and 6 pupils with his heroic tales and inspired our Sixth Formers with untold courage of how he overcame adversity of the worst kind.  Inspirational, humble and passionate about life, it was a real pleasure to have met Jaco.  His story will be remembered by all who heard him speak for a very long time".


"At the end of the day Jaco, I am just someone who attended an event you spoke at last night, you don’t know me and all I know about you is a 60 minute story of your inspirational life, but I do want you know that your story has moved me, inspired me, and made me consider what if things aren’t the same tomorrow as they are today and for that I am eternally grateful to you as that change in perspective will ultimately help drive me on my journey to be the best I can be."

         David - Speaking event attendee

“ Not only is Jaco one of the most delightful, humble and effortlessly charming individuals you will meet but he has an extraordinary life story that he is (unusually for someone in his position) able to articulate publicly with honesty, humour and skill that is profoundly moving. 
I would recommend him for almost any public speaking engagement but especially as a motivational speaker.”

         MARK CANN - British forces fdn

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