On the 16th April 2011 we became the first disabled team to walk 200 miles unsupported to the Geographical North Pole and in the process we broke a number of world records. 

1: We walked the furthest distance of all the expeditions to the North Pole for 2011

2: I became the first arm amputee to reach the North Pole.

3: Guy Disney (team mate) became the first leg amputee to reach the North Pole 

4: We complected our challenge in the quickest time (14 days) 2011.


After our successful trip to the North everyone wanted to know what is our next challenge? So we came up with Everest!!

In order to take on Everest we had to test our self's mentally and physically and know how our bodies will cope at altitude. In order to do this we set out to climb Mt Manaslu (8165 meters) the 8th highest mountain in the world. This was a truly amazing experience and where I found my ability for high altitude mountaineering. This was one of the hardest challenges I have done up to date. Dealing with altitude, the cold and all the dangers of climbing, crossing crevasses, the ever present danger of avalanches and we even experienced an earthquake. We made our successful summit attempt on the 26 Oct 2011. 

We were the first disabled group to summit this mountain(with 5 out of 7 team members reaching the top)

I became the first disabled South African to summit Manaslu. 

A few months later we wound our self's in Nepal again but this time to take on Everest. In our buildup and preparation to to make a successful assent up Everest we climbed a number of other peaks in the surrounding mountains. 

On 16 April 2012 I stood on top of the summit of Mt Lobuche (6500 meters). this is exactly a year later after reaching the North Pole.